Jackson Hole Observatory Poster

Jackson Hole Observatory Poster


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After successfully launching a website and branding project with Wyoming Stargazing, I was eager to continue working with them since the night skies and astronomy are amateur passions of mine. With the website functioning, it was now time to turn our attention to public awareness and reaching out.

The original long-term goal of the non-profit was to establish an observatory in or near the town of Jackson, Wyoming. To build support, the executive director, Dr. Samuel Singer, began conducting solar astronomy sessions at public events, such as local farmer’s markets and art fairs. He asked for an attention-getting poster that he could show to remind people what the long-term goal was. Using a mockup that local architect, Jakub Galczynski, provided, I created a large format, waterproof poster that would draw people in over relatively long distances.

The poster seemed to work successfully since people would constantly approach the booth asking where the yet-to-be-built observatory was located.

Posted: November 20, 2016
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