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I was contacted by the executive directory of Wyoming Stargazing shortly after its inception to ask permission to use a night photo print as a reward in a crowdfunding campaign he was launching. I viewed the website, and agreed, not expecting anything to happen after that. Though nothing happened with the crowdfunding campaign, I met with Dr. Samuel Singer a few months later where his dreams and vision that weren’t conveyed well on the website were made clear. I was extremely eager to help, and my first project with him was to create him a new logo. I didn’t see any reason this new non-profit shouldn’t take off in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the right kind of branding and online presence.

I got to work searching for inspiration, but nearly every astronomy-related logo I could find seemed to be just a copy of another one. They all followed the same formula: a telescope or some astronomy related silhouette beneath as many constellations as possible crammed into an oval. They were too busy and too off-putting to me. I wanted either the Grand Teton or the Teton Mountains in there with some kind of unconventional astronomy flair. I liked the idea of a circle as a planetary object, then tried using a silhouette of the Grand Teton to speak for Wyoming. I then wanted to have a more abstract appearance to a constellation, so I chose a well-known one in Orion, but set it in a way so that it blends into the composition. Finally, to add a little contrast, I wanted to incorporate a ring like Saturn, which ultimately wound up extending from the Grand Teton. This was all encircled in a ring which also represents an eyepiece on a telescope.

Posted: November 10, 2016
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