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I had just created the new logo for Wyoming Stargazing, much to the delight of its executive director, Dr. Samuel Singer. Now it was time to put the logo to use on a new website.

We went through a number of revisions and ideas, many of them incorporating space and/or astronomy in the website in some way. Astronomy-themed backgrounds were included in some way or another on different parts of the websites, but in the end, a professional non-profit look seemed to fit best. It worked best with the logo and it presented the content clearly. Dr. Singer wanted a number of call-to-actions incorporated on the home page, which the minimal design helped to achieve without overwhelming the visitor with unimportant elements that might distract from finding information.

As time went on, we made minor adjustments to accommodate different requests that were being asked for and features that were being used. In addition, we created two new pages to highlight two important components of the still-young non-profit. Both myself and Dr. Singer were hard at work with the town and the county to minimize harmful light pollution, which leads to less safety at night. To help further the cause, we created a page on the site called Save Our Night Skies to explain the hazards of light pollution and glare. More recently, we also created a page for the upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This rare phenomenon will be passing directly over Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This gives Wyoming Stargazing an enormous chance to shine in the spotlight as the area’s only astronomy-education non-profit.