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DanShelley Jewelers




DanShelley Jewelers are a local jewelry shop in the Gaslight Alley of Jackson, Wyoming. They had a very outdated website, so it was time to bring them up to modern times.

My initial concept had to be scrapped because the owner was keen on using lots of gold leaf in the design. Due to the difficulty of designing with gold leaf, I wasn’t. However all things considered, I like to think I struck as good of a balance as I could find.

I made the header out of gold leaf with a white bar across the top to break it up. This also needed a bit of CSS trickery to actually accomplish successfully, which provided an interesting challenge.

Though DanShelley Jewelers wanted an online store, they didn’t want an actual shopping cart. As such, we used Woocommerce in a custom WordPress theme to handle the product management side. The standard Add to Cart button was replaced with a Request More Info button that led the user down to a form as a separate tab from the product’s description.