Holly Sage Art Website v2


Holly Sage Art




Holly Sage Art started off small, but as things began to take off, a new website was needed to provide both more customization options, and also to give it a more modern ecommerce and professional look.

I used a top header bar to isolate out the account and cart links, among others. To make it interesting, we decided to try using some abstract watercolor patterns to tie in the theme of the product itself. For the navigation, we went with a simple navigation below the logo, but also used a fun font to give it a more playful appearance while retaining its professional structure.

The main image was pulled using the featured image for the page, and the featured products below were a custom plugin that I created, along with the two most recent blog posts below that.

The shop itself is powered by Woocommerce, where we spent some time cleaning up the appearance and tighten up the margins and padding.