Jackson Hole Compunet


Jackson Hole Compunet




Jackson Hole Compunet has been around the area for quite some time, so a modern and user-friendly website was a must. I was responsible for both the design of the site and the development of the custom WordPress child theme.

Their logo uses a strong green, so I tried to balance it with dark grays and blacks against a white background while also using an occasional orange link to get a bit more color in the palette. I also like to balance my modern bells and whistles, such as full-screen images and flat design items, with more traditional aesthetics. I think this helps readability and overall user-friendliness.

I also wrote a simple custom WordPress plugin to pull the three most recent blog posts and display them on the home page. This allowed for custom styling and layout into the overall design. Otherwise the build didn’t make use of any unusual additions or features.