Neal Richardson Datta, Esq.


Neal Richardson Datta, Esq.




This site was built and designed for an immigration lawyer in New York City. As such, I imagined many of his clients would be confused, nervous, and have many questions. For this reason, I tried to put some helpful links and information just below the fold geared toward the user’s point of view.

He had a pretty generic icon for his logo, which I captured the basic of shape of to mimic around the site, along with his preferred color palette of blue and gray.

I also designed and built a section of the site that features his various practice areas using jQuery. When a practice area icon was hovered over, the text would swap out a different section of text. Similarly, I also created a custom jQuery bit of code to expand and close side-navigation menus when clicking on a + or – to expand or close a sub-menu item. It wasn’t the most complex bit of coding, but it was a nice way to break up the standard build.

Some code and design elements were modified prior to launch.