2016 Perseid Meteor Shower Celebration

Within a couple of short years, Wyoming Stargazing had become one of Jackson, Wyoming’s hottest new non-profits. To celebrate a number of successes, the non-profit took to the Perseid Meteor Shower of 2016 to throw a celebration.

Together with the Rendezvous Lands Conservancy, Wyoming Stargazing through a huge party at the newly completed R-Park. The local park had been converted from a gravel pit into a charming park away from road noise and town clutter and is found along the gorgeous Snake River. With plenty of open vistas, it made for a perfect location for a meteor shower party. I was tasked with creating an attention getting ad that would be posted around town and in the local newspaper. I used a previous photo I had taken of a meteor to set the tone and arranged some attention grabbing fonts over the composition of the photo. Though I knowingly committed a blasphemy of using more than two different fonts, I still felt comfortable with how it turned out.

Much of town also did, as evidenced by a large turnout full of eager families hoping to see some amazing fireballs in the night sky.