Elect Mike Yin

I was asked by Mike Yin, a candidate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming running for state representative, to create a postcard for him to both mail and hand out to people in person. I created two versions, one to take advantage of non-mailing back space, the other to account for postage requirements. Shown here is the former.

Mike already had some colors chosen and imagery he had used in getting things off the ground, so I stuck with those for branding purposes while also giving it a cleaner and simpler presentation. I kept his name on the right to ensure it would remain in people’s memories after they were done looking at it, as well as the website address, which I bolded to bring a bit of extra emphasis and attention to.

He had chosen a soft blue that I thought was an excellent choice. It was calming like the sky, and presented him in a safe and approachable way. I used that for the background on the front side, and for accents on the back side, highlighting important election dates.