Mark Bodner Website

I created this website for the New York City personal injury lawyer, Mark L. Bodner. I used a cityscape of the city to place him geographically, fading into the header at the top. At the bottom of the hero image I applied a transparent dark bar to pop out his awards and accolades, of which I was told more were to follow before launching.

I was encouraged to feature some of their success stories after the intro, since a number of them were fairly noteworthy.

A section introducing the firm itself and possibly the husband and wife team was to follow, however photos of them were still yet to be taken, so I used another professional couple found online as placeholders.

For the testimonials, I added some color and depth to the design by setting a New York City image behind what would be a scrolling set of reviews, punctuated with a large quote mark to the side.

The practice areas followed, with truncated bios of each attorney, and then a contact area where I used a more abstract cityscape behind a filter of their blue color to concentrate focus on the form and information.

There isn’t much in terms of story and a human touch with these recent sites that I would normally prefer to incorporate, but I think for their purposes they serve their purpose well.

Some design elements were modified prior to launch.