Mattleman, Weinroth, and Miller Website

I was asked to design this site with some specifics already established from two existing websites for the company. First, it had to be lightly themed with white, light gray, and some darker blue mixed in. Second, the fonts were also already set from previous designs, so it was necessary to continue using those. Third, it was to have a very serious law theme spoken through images of architecture that was to be used throughout the site.

I first found an image that would make for a good hero image. The large columns were light against a white light, so it was a suitable image to use as a hero image with text placed over it, and the top fading to white for the header elements.

Some basic introductory content was to follow, before the next section introducing their practice areas. For that section, I made a more subtle hint to the architecture by using a simple marble texture, which looked pretty close to the marble in the hero image columns. I also left each one as a grayscale image to unify the background. When hovered over, the image would change to its natural color, outlined by a dark blue, which would be heavier on the right side to “point” to the description, which would also change from a dark gray to the same dark blue for consistency.

The latest blogs and contact section were fairly straightforward, followed by the footer where I repeated the marble texture to unify the design.

Some design elements were modified prior to launch.