Wyoming Stargazing Annual Report, 2018

The Annual Report for the past fiscal year for Wyoming Stargazing was scaled back quite a bit from the previous year. We went back to basics to preserve a decent budget and to simplify the information. In the end it turned as a two-page, front and back report, with the budgetary figures and statistics on the front side, with brief descriptions about programs and goals on the back side.

The majority of work was done in Adobe InDesign, with the pie charts being generated in Adobe Illustrator. A few quick enhancements were done to a few of the photos to give them a bit more pop. The primary challenge was figuring out to lay out all the content and photos that I was given for the back page in a clean way that was also easy to read and navigate. Since there was an odd number of items, and a prime number at that, no less, there was no easy way to lay them out evenly without giving one more emphasis or leaving too much dead space. Ultimately, I wound up toying with a two-column grid again, but listing them each with the photos on the opposite side. This wound up working out quite nicely, and to keep it from looking too predictable, I created a couple of angled edges to give it more of an interesting shape.