Wyoming Stargazing Donor Flyer

I was asked by Wyoming Stargazing to create a front-and-back flyer to hand out to donors in the hopes of attracting some new funding. The front and back sides shared three key focuses that the organization wanted to illustrate as necessary components that required extra funding.

Typically with this kind of flyer, I would plan on the end result having a white background to increase contrast and readability, but with the images oriented toward a darker tone, I felt it was a better step to lean into a darker background palette and increase the darkness over certain parts of the images to maximize the contrast. The back side also includes two photos that I took. The top one came from a public stargazing program a few years back, while the bottom was a night shot over the Teton Mountains within the past year.

For the Astronomy Lessons section, I took advantage of the composition of the photo to separate the header and text of that section from the main header of the flyer. The kids looking up helped to both draw attention to the main header itself, while the content encouraged the eyes to continue reading through the document.