Wyoming Stargazing Speaker Series Raffle

For their upcoming Science Speaker Series, Wyoming Stargazing was going to be holding a raffle at each presentation. They wanted a poster designed around an astrophotography image, taken by a photographer who would be donating a print to a lucky winner. As such, I felt a black background would be best to blend the image in.

I chose an image that had a natural diagonal motion to it, to help fill in the bottom-left, so as to better guide the viewer through the document and information, since there wouldn’t be many other graphics used.

At the top I placed the logo, with a raffle ‘signature’ attached, followed by the announcement of the grand prize: a one-night stay at the Amangani luxury hotel. Attached to that was also the prize of receiving an astrophotography print, which I laid into one of the borders of the main prize, to unify them together. Below that I added the ticket prices, partially overlapping the image, also putting more emphasis on the pricier option to encourage larger sales and to show the value. At the bottom was basic information about whether or not the winner needed to be present.