Wyoming Stargazing Wedding Ad

I was asked by Wyoming Stargazing to create a new print ad to go into a local wedding magazine, distributed throughout Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This was a section of the market that had not been previously targeted, so I wanted to make the ad noticeable to the target market, but also unique enough to distinguish it from other ads that would potentially appear near it.

I first started with a photo that the executive director had taken to highlight the night sky and Milky Way Galaxy. Expecting that it would be mostly future brides seeing the ad, I used a formal script font that would go together with the font that we’ve been branding the non-profit with. I laid out the text to follow the path of the Milky Way to ultimately bring readers down to the tagline where the logo and contact information could be found. I used a yellow font above to work with the lit tents and then a white font to round out the message and complement the Milky Way and stars. The tagline info seemed to fit perfectly in the silhouetted hill in the background.