Wyoming Stargazing 2017 Annual Report


Wyoming Stargazing


Annual Report


With the growth of Wyoming Stargazing blooming from a dream to a full-blown success of a non-profit, it was time to expand on the success. Many larger non-profits publish their annual reports to show investors and donors all the amazing programs they’ve been supporting and where their money has gone. Wyoming Stargazing was now in a position to join those ranks.

I used a few other local non-profit annual reports as inspiration to begin finding ideas, as well as trying fun and creative ways to break up the pages. I used a lot of photos at the organization’s disposal to design around the content, including a few that I provided. The Teton Mountains themselves provide a great source of design ideas with their jagged lines and angles, and so I tried to mimic that a lot, more obvious in some places than others.

The report was designed almost entirely in Adobe InDesign, a program that I’ve enjoyed using off and on and always welcome the chance to open back up. The only exceptions were a few photo edits in Photoshop, and pie graphs created in Illustrator.